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Elevating Creativity, Empowering Talent, Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Diverse Entertainment Services

From captivating concerts to engaging movies and talent management, Ace Integrated offers a wide range of entertainment options to cater to varied interests.

Passion for Excellence

With a team dedicated to precision and flair, we strive to deliver every event and project with a touch of excellence that sets us apart in the industry.

Inspiring Creativity

At Ace Integrated, we believe in the transformative power of art and creativity to inspire, uplift, and connect people from all walks of life.

Global Impact

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and bringing joy and inspiration to audiences worldwide drives us to create unforgettable experiences that resonate across borders.

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Dato Daniel Lee

Meet Dato Daniel Lee, the visionary leader at Ace Integrated. With a passion for innovation and a wealth of industry experience, Dato Daniel Lee drives the company’s success with creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. Under his guidance, Ace Integrated continues to redefine entertainment excellence and shape the future of the industry.

Unlock the World of Entertainment with Ace Integrated Services

Explore a diverse range of entertainment services tailored to elevate your experience and captivate audiences. From concert production and film creation to talent management and event planning, Ace Integrated offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring your vision to life with creativity and excellence. Let us be your partner in shaping unforgettable moments and setting new standards in the world of entertainment.

Concert Production

From intimate acoustic sets to grand stadium performances, we specialize in creating unforgettable concert experiences tailored to your vision.

Film Production

Our team of skilled professionals brings stories to life on the big screen with expertise in scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production services.

Talent Management

Discover and nurture the next generation of stars with our comprehensive talent management services, including artist development, branding, and representation.

Francesca Simonson

Concert Manager

Michael Elmostino

Film Producer

Christine Albert

Talent Manager

Our Partners

Powering Innovation Through Strategic Alliances

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At Ace Integrated, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic alliances to drive innovation and excellence in the entertainment industry. Our partnerships with creative studios, industry experts, technology providers, and media outlets are at the core of our success and the key to delivering exceptional experiences to our audience.

Creative Studios: We collaborate with leading creative studios to bring visionary concepts to life through cutting-edge visuals, storytelling, and production techniques. These partnerships enable us to create immersive and captivating entertainment experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Industry Experts: Partnering with industry experts allows us to stay at the forefront of trends, best practices, and innovations in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. By leveraging their expertise and insights, we continuously push boundaries, challenge norms, and set new standards of excellence in our projects.

Technology Providers: Working closely with top technology providers, we enhance our production capabilities and deliver state-of-the-art experiences that captivate and engage audiences. From advanced filming equipment to interactive technologies, our partnerships enable us to leverage the latest tools and solutions to create unforgettable moments.

Media Outlets: Our strong relationships with media outlets amplify our reach and help us share our compelling stories with a broader audience. Through strategic partnerships with media partners, we maximize exposure, generate buzz, and connect with fans, ensuring that our content reaches and resonates with a diverse and engaged audience.

Together, with our valued partners, we are committed to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and shaping the future of entertainment. These collaborations are instrumental in driving our success, fueling our growth, and solidifying our position as a leader in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of entertainment.

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